Proud Country Girl
I recently returned home to live with my parents, brother and goldfish after I graduated uni. I live in a idyllic part of the country (and in my opinion quite possibly the world) in a small rural village in the South West (quite near the seaside!)
Little Bit of a Janeite

(An enthusiastic admirer of Jane Austen's writings)

I don't go anywhere without my Kindle, I ardently admire anything Jane Austen and Downton Abbey, and I'm a fan of anything vintage (yep, I'm that kind of girl!). This is my first blog, which I'm using to document the changes I'm going to make to become a more eco-friendly person!
I like to describe myself as ‘Environmentally Conscious’ as I don’t do enough to earn the title of environment advocate or activist. Although my brother tells me otherwise, I’m not an environmental nut or some sort of hippy (no offense to any hippies out there). I live a quite normal(ish) life in a small village in the South West of England. I’m just becoming increasingly concerned for our planet. I like to think that I do the obvious basics I remember being taught in Primary school, for example, turning off lights when you leave a room, using tinfoil instead of clingfilm and of course reducing, reusing and recycling. Nothing drastic. Admittedly I do have lazy tendencies (come on, who doesn’t), but in my defence, plastic is everywhere and it’s so convenient. It has truly made our society extremely indolent (me included). There’s an annoying voice in the back of my head saying:
'You could do more'
There are so many ways the planet needs saving, (to worry about it all would consume me), but the parts that cause me the most are waste and recycling. Now this is an area I can do something about, by making changes to my lifestyle. One day I stopped and really looked around at the things that I buy and the products that I use and for someone who felt like they did their bit for the planet, I was shocked at the amount of disposable plastic I owned. Especially my toiletries and cosmetic products, they all seemed to be in some form of plastic container (and I’m not even going to get started on the food packaging)!
'Call yourself an environmentalist? You're not doing a good enough job, you've got to find alternatives!'
That same voice in the back of my head yelled at me! And as they say, there’s no time like the present, so it was time to make a change. You hear of some people who go completely non-waste who can put all of their rubbish for the last 5 years I a mason jar. I know that would be too much of a major lifestyle change for me to deal with, to go straight to living as a non-waste person. I’m going to take a slower route, one change at a time. Focusing first on the evil that is disposable plastic. Plastic as a material is really quite incredible, look at all the different forms it can take and things it can be used for. You can understand why it’s everywhere, it’s cheap and convenient. I’m not going to completely cut out plastic, there are lots of non-disposable everyday tools in my life that are plastic or have plastic components, including all of my electronic devices. But those aren’t what I would call disposable items. So, although I hate plastic and what it’s doing to nature and especially our marine life, I do appreciate how useful it is. As I said I’m certainly not going to just remove it all from my life – stronger and more durable plastics do have their place as they can be a good alternative to one-time use disposable plastic, such as bags for life as opposed to carrier bags and strong sports bottles instead of throwaway water bottles (you get the idea). Just one step at a time. So here I am writing my first blog to document the change I’m going to make to become an eco-friendlier person, mixed with some thoughts and feelings and no doubt the occasional environmental rant.