I've never really shopped in Lush before, I just thought it was fancy soaps and bath bombs. The overwhelming aroma that wafts down the shopping street has previously put me off browsing in fear of a scent induced headache, but that's the beauty of online shopping! I had let all of my supplies run low because I refused to buy anymore beauty/cosmetic products in non-eco-friendly casing. Becoming quite desperate and hearing lots of good things about Lush, I decided to have a look online to see what they offered. Most of the things I needed were in liquid form; hand cream, cleanser, toner etc. so I knew they had to come in some sort of packaging. I've read a lot recently about how Lush are really environmentally friendly; using natural products and reducing waste with their 'naked' products, but what about the products that have to be packaged? Well, as I have recently learnt, you can return your empty pots to Lush and they recycle them back into more pots to be used again and again, as part of a closed loop recycling scheme. Ingenious! So although it's still in plastic, I can rest easy knowing that the packaging I'm using won't end up in landfill.  
Everything You Need To Know About Lush Recycling
Although I was a bit dubious about Lush to start with, I will definitely be returning to get more eco-friendly products. Like the other weekend, when visiting a friend, I ventured inside one of their stores and came out with a 'naked' shampoo bar. No plastic shampoo bottle, just a little recyclable paper bag. (And a shampoo bar storage tin, I just couldn't resist!) Another thing to mention is when I received my online order, this is how it arrived. At first glance I threw my hands up in the air in frustration - why go to all this trouble to then receive my products packed with those horrible plastic peanuts which I'll have to throw away! But going over my shipping slip, I discovered that they weren't plastic, they're made from potato starch, which can be put into compost or you can literally melt them in water.

Lush I applaud you.